Samuel Adams Boston Lager
Since 1985, The Boston Beer Company has become widely respected for the quality of their beers, and for the creativity and innovation deployed in developing, brewing, and selling these beers. The brewers use traditional brewing methods and follow sound brewing fundamentals to ensure that the Boston beers are always of the highest quality. Innovative recipes and ingredients are used in creating exciting new styles of beer (38 beers currently in production) and while these ingredients and recipes combine to create fine beers, there always remains a bit of mystery and wonder as the brewing process transforms into a world-renowned product. The Boston Beer Company, like the beers, is the result of a combination of tradition, human chemistry, creativity, and wonder. Company traditions are those of quality, growth, respect for others, open-mindedness, and hard work and the belief that everyone has a valuable contribution to make. The continued success of Samuel Adams is the result of the dynamic mix of personality, skill, strong partnerships and selling processes. Noreast have been searching for a beer to fill the American-shaped hole in its portfolio, and we couldn't have wished for a better partner. Noreast are delighted to welcome Samuel Adams Boston Lager to our stable of premium beers from around the world.
(4.8% ABV)
Samuel Adams