Krombacher Pils. 'Germany's #1 Premium Beer'
Soft mountainous spring water, select raw materials and a well guarded brewing recipe make Krombacher Pils a unique experience in taste. With an extra dry finish, this is a classic example of Pilsner at its' best. Brewed according to the German beer purity regulations.
(4.8% ABV)

Germany has always had a great affinity with beer and with over 6000 beer brands competing on the market it would take an exceptional beer to become the country's top selling brand.

The taste of pilsner is quite decisively characterised by the water it is brewed with and the secret of the unique taste of Krombacher Pils lies above all else, in the fresh, pure and low mineral natural spring water from the Rothaar mountains. The finest aromatic hops from the Hallertau region, brewing malt from double row summer barley and Kromacher's own young, fresh yeast cultures in addition to the soft spring water results in Krombacher's uniquely refreshing taste.