Cloughmore Heather IPA – Whitewater Brewery, Ireland.
Cloughmore Heather IPA is brewed in the foothills of the Mourne mountains and draws its main ingredient from the local water supplied from Silent Valley reservoir. The initial wort is created with 4 malt varieties. While in the copper, the first hops are added to create bitterness and aroma and a muslin pellet filled with Mourne heather is inserted to infuse the beer with floral tones. This is then matured for 3 weeks before a final dry-hopping is added for additional bite. This is a single-hopped IPA brewed in the traditional style resulting in a darker character than our American cousins. Unpasteurised and finely filtered and free from any artificial additives or preservatives, the beer may contain a small amount of sediment. This is Craft Irish IPA at its finest.
(5.2% ABV)
Cloughmore Heather IPA