Buried At Sea – Galway Bay Brewery, Ireland
Tasting note: Tasting - This Dark and full bodied stout lends its smooth taste to the use of milk sugars and chocolate used in the brewing process. The decadent flavour is well balanced to give a very drinkable and refreshing pint. The roasty nature of the dark malts allows this beer to find its place well beside any grilled or barbecue foods and its full-body and sweetness sits with any rich, chocolate dessert.
(4.5% ABV)
Stormy Port – Galway Bay Brewery, Ireland
Tasting - The intense coffee-roast flavour of this porter is a result of a high percentage of roasted malts in the malt bill. The refreshing nature of this style and its aroma allows for this ale to sit perfectly beside stews, soups and perfectly cooked steaks.
(4.8% ABV)
Full Sail IPA – Galway Bay Brewery, Ireland
Tasting note - This hoppy American style ale uses solely US hops and in great quantities both in the kettle and in two stages of dry-hopping. This combines to give a strong hop presence and aroma with a refreshing, palate cleansing bitterness. Food pairings include spicy dishes, Mexican dishes and creamy cheeses.
(5.8% ABV)
Bay Ale – Galway Bay Brewery, Ireland
Tasting note - Our Red Ale is malt-forward, copper coloured ale with a hop profile chosen to accentuate these characteristics yet ultimately strike a balance in flavour. Food pairings include Salads, Cold Meat Sandwiches and Battered Fish. <div class="product-range"> <img src="Content/Images/Beers/galwaybay_range.png" alt="Galway Bay range" title="Galway Bay range" width="400px" height="418px"> </div>
(4.4% ABV)
Galway Bay Brewery